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Vision Source  |  OPTOMETRY & Eye Wear Studio is the only authorized Giorgio Armani retailer in London South

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Dr. Jason Morris - Optometrist

20+ yrs of eye care experience with special interest in occupational vision, concussive injury to the visual system & glaucoma management.

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Dr. Shaff has traveled the world providing eye care to those in need.  We are fortunate to have Dr. Shaff move his practice here as of Feb 2016.
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Wendy brings her friendly approach and years of expertise to the studio. Wendy will help you achieve the perfect fit, function and fashion in your new glasses.

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We are located at the NW corner of Wellington Road and Bradley Ave. (directly behind LCBO - across from Walmart at White Oaks Mall). We are located on the second floor (elevator access at front entrance).

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Giorgio Armani at Vision Source London
Vision Source  |  OPTOMETRY & Eye Wear Studio is the only authorized Giorgio Armani retailer in London South
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Dr Morris' Vision Blog

  • 5 Factors For Minimizing Your Glasses' Lens Thickness
    Aug 25 - 16 | So you are thinking about getting new glasses... but you are worried that the lenses will end up looking thick and heavy.  What are the factors that influence optical lens thickness in glasses? Read on...
    [#1] Prescription: The higher your degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness will influence your lens thickness.  A lens to correct nearsightedness (myopia) will be thicker at the perimeter of the lens and a lens to correct farsightedness (hyperopia) will be thicker in the middle of the lens.  There is not much that you can do about your prescription - it is what it is - so use the other 4 factors to help minimize lens thickness. 

    [#2] Diameter: The larger a lens is across, the thicker it will be.  This consideration is often trumped by fashion or function (e.g. progressive bifocal) but try and minimize diameter to limit lens thickness.

    [#3] Material: There are basically six difference plastics that are used to make lenses (glass rarely used these days).  These plastics are rated for their ability to bend light and there ability to sharply focus light.  They are identified with numbers (index) and/or names such as 1.6 or 1.53 or Polycarbonate.  Some retailers try an brand a particular plastic with a fancy name but they are all essentially the same six.  If you are offered a "Thinner-Lighter Lens" - find out what the index actually is to properly order or thickest to thinnest:  1.5 (CR39) > 1.53 (Trivex) > 1.59 (Polycarbonate) > 1.6 > 1.67 >  1.74.   The worst optical quality (sharpness) plastic is polycarbonate but it is also one of the most break resistant.  Optical quality also is influenced by the design of the lens (e.g. aspheric) but this would not significantly impact the thickness.  As a rule-of-thumb, you do not need to consider a mid or hi-index lens for prescriptions from -2.50 to +1.50.  Note that a 1.74 lens (thinnest) can reduce lens thickness by approximately 33% over a 1.5 (CR39) lens.

    [#4] Mount:  The three most common frame mounts are: grooved, semi-rimless and drilled.  A grooved mount has the metal or plastic frame completely around then lens.  The lens has a raised lip at the edge that sits snugly into a groove in the frame.  This mount will allow your lenses to be thinnest.  If you are nearsighted, a semi-rimless or drilled mount will have little impact on the thickness when compared to a groove mount.  However, If you are farsighted these latter to mounts will cause your lenses to be thicker.  This is because the edges of your lenses have to me made thicker to carry a groove set into the lens edge.  Or in the case of drill-mount, the lens have to be make strong enough as not to break with stress.

    [#5] Surfaced or stock:  This factor is probably the most confusing and misunderstood - even for people in the industry.  If you are farsighted (i.e. a '+' prescription like +3.00), a surfaced (custom made) lens will deliver the thinnest end product (any material).  The selection of which to use gets messy because is a balance between wholesale cost and value to consumer plus all of the above factors.  Even when it is the best choice, a surfaced lens is not always selected by many optical retailers because it is far more costly to fabricate which negatively effects profit.  If you are nearsighted (i.e. a '-' prescription like -5.50), it does not matter if the lens is surfaced or stock.  The decision will be made on availability and cost as the thickness is the same.

    Questions?   Come in and see us at StudioEyeCare .  We will help you navigate!   Dr Jason Morris
    On Facebook at drjasonmorris

  • Can my cataracts come back?
    July 25, 2016  |  Great question from a patient this morning..."Can my cataracts come back?".  The answer is... sort of.   If someone has cataract surgery, they will not ever get a true cataract again however in ~10% of cases one can develop cataract symptoms (blurry vision + glare) within the first couple of years after surgery.   This occurs because the bag that supports the natural lens and the implant (the capsule) can go hazy and give us cataract-like problems.    This "secondary-cataract" cloudiness is very easy to clear with a short laser procedure.  Dr.j

  • Artists and Retinal / Colour Vision Issues
    July 7 - 16  |  I found this gem of an article from colleagues in Australia.  So interesting to view how perception changes with ocular issues...        Dr.j

  • Half full or half empty with Transitions®
    June 6, 2016 |  This is a very common question that we field daily "Should I get Transitions® lenses"... Hopefully this post will help you decide...  Transitions® lenses are plastic eyeglass lenses that become dark with UV light exposure.  (I am making this clarification because it is common to hear folks confusing Transitions® lenses with progressive lenses which change power to help us over 40 read  i.e. bifocals)
    Transitions® are wonderful lenses that help with glare and provide UV protection.  They have a couple of limitations that you should be aware of... 1) they do not go full dark in a vehicle.   Because they rely on UV light to go dark and the windshields of your car block a great deal of UV light... They only go about half dark.   If you are someone that does not rely on sunglasses now... they are great.   However, if you find that you need sunglasses or clip-ons regularly... these lenses will likely not be dark enough for you when driving.   2) the darkening and lightening of the lenses is not instant and is effected by temperature.   Summer heat and winter cold will definitely effect the change times.  I do encourage most interested patients to try Transitions® as they have a risk-free trial period.     Hope that helps!  Dr.j.