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Child with glasses Dr Morris


As an eye care specialist and father of two girls who wear glasses, parents have been asking me for years...
Is there anything to slow the increasing thickness of my [son/daughter]'s glasses?

Although there have been ongoing myopia (nearsightedness) control studies for years, I never felt confident enough to recommend a solution... until now.  Myopia control treatments are now backed with great science and research.

If you have a child 6-16 years old who is currently nearsighted and you would like to do everything to slow the progression - that you yourself may have experienced in your own teens - there are clear, science-backed myopia management options that can help.

Individual details would need to be discussed with assessment but Studio Eye Care is primarily using a multifocal soft contact lens protocol.   This protocol has variable nearsighted control results ~50%.  There is also an option to use a compounded eye drop daily with approximately the same reduction of progression.

A special type of spectacle lens can also be used.  Current studies suggest that these special Zeiss lenses (do not look different than a standard lens), can reduce progression by ~29%.

Beyond function, limiting your child's nearsightedness progression reduces future risk of sight-threatening conditions such as: myopic macular degeneration, retinal detachment, cataract and glaucoma.


The example below is an 11 year-old child with a -1.00D prescription.  Nearsighted prescriptions in teens inevitably increase when left unchecked.  The science-backed estimate of this child's prescription at 17 years would be just under -4.00D.  In the real world, 4 units of nearsightedness means that everything beyond 25cm is blurry and therefore full-time wear of glasses would be required i.e. reading and distance.   However with myopia control intervention, the evidence points to a possible 49% reduction in myopia.   At -2.50D, this 17 year old would not need glasses for reading or near tasks.   This is a massive difference for a lifetime of glasses need and future ocular health risk.

Myopia Control Example


Note that these services / contact lens services are not covered under OHIP and there will be charges over and above what is covered by Ontario Health Card.

Pricing is variable depending on the protocol and/or contact lenses required.   If contact lenses are used, all appointments and contact lenses required would be approximately $400 every 6 months.  If daily eye drops are used, annual costs are similar due to the high drop costs.

Minimum appointment fees for myopia control discussion, trial contact lenses and insertion/removal teaching session (if required) is $100.

The Zeiss spectacle lens is approximately $50 per lens over a regular lens.

Please call us to schedule an appointment to discuss myopia control options for your son or daughter, granddaughter or grandson.

It’s NEW and EXCITING!   Pass it on!

Please call us (519-681-3670) or click chat box below to schedule an appointment to discuss myopia control options for your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter!

Executive Vision Experience

Studio Eye Care London our goal is to offer every patient A complete, informative & distinct eye care experience that they are inspired to share.  The E.V.E. (Executive Vision Experience) is a unique, private extension of this philosophy for patients who desire maximum one-on-one time with Dr. Morris in a unhurried, closed-office environment.

E.V.E. appointments are offered Wednesday evenings
  ∞ Appointments start when you arrive between 5:30pm and 6:30pm
  ∞ Appointments end when complete or 7:30pm

Our office is closed and all resources are 100% dedicated to you for a private eye care experience

Dr. Morris will personally work with you through the entire exam experience
  ∞ All clinical testing and digital imaging/scanning for a complete eye exam 
  ∞ Extensive education on conditions and treatment options/plan
  ∞ Extensive needs analysis for vision correction
  ∞ Extensive education on vision correction options and planning (Glasses/Surgical/Contacts)
  ∞ If desired, personal assistance for glasses selection from Dr. Morris and our great staff

Family are welcome to attend E.V.E. appointments
If possible with your insurance provider, we will bill or file insurance on your behalf
Exam and discussion results as well as images delivered via secure email post exam if desired

No products are included with E.V.E.
E.V.E. appointments available to both new and existing patients

If you are interested in an Executive Eye Care Experience, please call us 519-681-3670 to
discuss pricing and availability.

No show fee is $75 without 24hour notice of change or cancellation

As part of our mission to create a complete, informative and distinct eye care experience, we have partnered with many insurance groups to submit your private insurance.

Some insurers allow us to bill directly (so that you do not have to pay) while others allow us only to submit on your behalf (you pay us and then are reimbursed).

Studio Eye Care simplifies your eye care experience.

Direct Bill Insurance Morris

Call us for details anytime, we look forward to hearing from you...  519-681-3670

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OCT Morris
OCT vs. fundus photo

Why do I need an OCT?

(optical coherence tomography)

An OCT is a special image of the back of the eye.  Unlike a typical photo, an OCT gives a cross-section of retina and detailed measurements which are extremely helpful in detecting retinal pathology.  Patients with conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma and more will benefit from this quick, non-invasive image.

There are two main uses for OCT – detecting Retinal Defects and detecting Nerve Loss.

Retinal Defects – Wrinkles, breaks, holes, fluid, blood, leaky vessels, deposits, medication side effects can all be detected though OCT imaging.  This can be critical in planning the best course of treatment or frequency or follow-up.  Many specialists expect an OCT image be done prior to them accepting new patients.

Nerve Loss – In optic neuropathies such as glaucoma, change generally happens very slowly.  Repeated OCT imaging gives an extremely accurate view of progression and risk of vision loss.  In the past monitoring nerve loss was monitored with visual field analysis.  However, ~58% of the nerve fibres’ from your eye can be lost before you have significant visual field loss.  An OCT detects loss much earlier and helps us create a plan to prevent vision loss.  (note - Visual fields still have a significant role in the ongoing management/monitoring of glaucoma)

Dr Morris OCT

Studio Eye Care now offers OCT!

OCT images are invaluable in detecting and monitoring ocular pathology and we are now please to offer in-office without referral. 

Basic OHIP coverage does not pay for OCT imaging however many private insurance plans will reimburse you for this advanced imaging.

UNcorporate Optometry

What is UNcorporate Optometry?

There is an unfortunate trend in eye care

This trend is born from demographics
It is fueled by economics
It is seized by big businesses and investment capital

The trend is to convert your eye care experience to a rapid transaction and planogram products

At Studio Eye Care, we are unhurried and informative
Our lenses are selected from the universe of products for their merit and your needs - not ours
Our frame selection is curated by folks with experience and knowledge - not spreadsheets

Being UNcorporate means eye care without corporate churn and its pace
Being UNcorporate means freedom of choice and suppliers
Being UNcorporate means guidance with genuine recommendations and no sales scripts

Our mission is provide complete, informative and distinct eye care that our patients are inspired to share

There are many great UNcorporate Optometrists - we are certainly not the only - but if our philosophy, location and times work for you.  We would love to meet you.

Make-an-appointment Options...

We aspire to create a complete, informative, distinct eye care experience that you will be inspired to share” 

 Dr Jason Morris
Practice Director - Dr. Jason Morris

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