What is UNcorporate Optometry?

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UNcorporate Optometry

What is UNcorporate Optometry?

There is an unfortunate trend in eye care

This trend is born from demographics
It is fueled by economics
It is seized by big businesses and investment capital

The trend is to convert your eye care experience to a rapid transaction and planogram products

At Studio Eye Care, we are unhurried and informative
Our lenses are selected from the universe of products for their merit and your needs - not ours
Our frame selection is curated by folks with experience and knowledge - not spreadsheets

Being UNcorporate means eye care without corporate churn and its pace
Being UNcorporate means freedom of choice and suppliers
Being UNcorporate means guidance with genuine recommendations and no sales scripts

Our mission is to provide complete, informative and distinct eye care that our patients are inspired to share

There are many great UNcorporate Optometrists - we are certainly not the only - but if our philosophy, location and times work for you.  We would love to meet you.

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