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Bruised, red, tender, swollen eyelids? - A very common complaint.  You should try a Bruder heat mask for relief.  Unclog those lid oil glands!

The Bruder Moisture Mask is a very effective, holistic approach to dry eye and unclogging eyelid glands.  Heating your eye lids enables/activates your own body to better produce the oils essential to create a great tear film.  The mask is far better than face cloths because it delivers sustained moist heat.   A face cloth will only stay warm for approximately 40 seconds and you need a minimum of 5 minutes to have a positive effect on lipid flow/production.  5 to 10 minutes of the Bruder mask followed by lid massage works wonders for dry eye sufferers.  

Dr. Morris uses the mask as cross-over product for dry eye sufferers + eyelid pain issues + those suffering from digital eye strain.

Bruder masks heat in microwave.  They reusable, cleanable and last a very long time!
Congratulations you've found it! Our skiing Easter Egg.

Dr Morris loves to ski and loves to share favorite ski places. Whistler is great but there is so much choice for Western Canada skiing in the Rocky Mountains! Here is his hidden list of great skiing in Alberta and BC. (Eastern Canada coming soon!)

Sunshine Village Skiing
Sunshine Village - 2017

Western Canada Skiing

Whistler Blackcomb -

Largest in Canada – Peak to peak gondola

Favorite Runs – Blackcomb Glacier - anything around Kaleidoscope

Amazing Village, Après Ski and nightlife

Skied here dozens of time – snow unpredictable

Fly to Vancouver BC – easy access depending on traffic, ~2+hrs from Vancouver

ski whistler morris

Sun Peaks -

Second Largest in Canada – Patrolled back country skiing/riding @ Mt Tod

Favorite Runs – Hat Trick & The Sticks

Good Village but limited night life

Skied here once (Dec/Jan) – upper elevations great snow, lower village poor coverage

Fly to Kamloops BC

Big White -

Known for great snow – ice climbing and many activities

Favorite Runs – Paradise & Paradise Glades

Good Village but limited night life

Skied here twice (Dec/Feb) – Great snow

Fly to Kelowna BC

Silver Star -

Known for great snow – tubing and many activities one price

Favorite Runs – Bon Diablo

Limited Village – would not stay here – 2 sides to mountain with long T bar traverse (the one’s boarders hate)

Skied here twice (Dec/Feb) – Great snow

Supposed to have a new Gondola soon to help lift lines

Fly to Kelowna BC, near Vernon BC

Fernie -

Not much Village – town of Fernie is cute – (hot tub time machine filmed here)

Favorite Runs – Anything into Currie bowl

Limited Village – huge range of terrain

Skied here twice (Jan/March) – Too warm in mid-March

Fly to Calgary – long drive

Kimberly -

One of few resorts with night skiing

Favorite Runs – Black forest Area

Skied here twice (Jan/March) – Too warm in mid-March

Fly to Calgary – long drive

Lake Louise -

Lots of great glades

Favorite Runs – Summit Platter down through Charlies choice & glades

Skied here many times – Part of (highly recommend)

Fly to Calgary – Drive – Stay in Banff or Lake Louise

Sunshine Village-

Wide open bowls – You park then take a gondola into village – you can ski in Alberta and BC as straddles border

Favorite Runs – Anything to the left of Mt Standish lift or Schoolmarm or the glades behind the lodge

Because of high elevation - you can ski here generally later in the season than anywhere else (PICTURE above is May 2017)

Skied here many times – Part of (highly recommend)

Fly to Calgary – Drive – Stay in Banff or Lake Louise

ski sunshine morris ski sunshine morris


Have tried a few times but poor snow or ice makes me want to drive a bit further for more consistent snow at Sunshine or Lake Louise.

Part of multi mountain pass - Great deal!

Fly to Calgary – Drive – Stay in Banff or Lake Louise


Great terrain – Great Steeps, great kid's program

Favorite Runs – Millennium , View of 1000 Peaks (smaller pic below)

Limited Village - Sleepy

Fly to Calgary – Drive – stay if you want to relax!

Check out Arrowhead micro brewery on the way in

ski panorama morris ski panorama morris

Kicking Horse

Known for Powder – massive bowls

Great terrain – Great Steeps – Advanced mountain (lower beginner’s area not good)

Favorite Runs – Sluiceway, Sliver Lining > Cloud Nine

Limited Village but town of Golden BC nice

Fly to Calgary – Drive – beautiful drive through the mountains – some very nice condos at base


I have not been – someday!

Red Mountain


I love this place - You NEED to get yourself here

Favorite Runs – Beer Belly, Cory's Run

Fly to Spokane Washington – ~ 250km drive North Across Border  or about 3 1/2 hours from Kelowna

Marmot Basin

I have not been – wish list

~400km from either Edmonton or Calgary – Jasper AB

Power Mountain Cat Skiing (Just South of Whistler)

Great guides and feels very safe backcountry - Many short runs at high elevation

Rent FAT powder skis min 100mm underfoot

ski panorama morris

Have fun!!!

Jason Morris

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I highly recommended Hyabak®.  It has far exceeded our patients' expectations to help dry eyes and contact lens related irritation.  We often hear "This is the best eye drop that I have ever tried" when they return to purchase more.

Part of the magic of Hyabak® is in the bottle.  The special, filtered bottle allows for the drop to be non-preserved.  This means that it is very gentle to the ocular surface and can be used many times a day if required.  Hyabak®'s bottle also has a long shelf life of 90 days once opened.  This is 3 times longer than a standard bottles' shelf life (30days once opened).  Non-preserved drops are typically delivered in single dose vials costing much more.   Each Hyabak® bottle contains ~300 drops.

Hyabak® is not the answer for all forms of dry eye.  Please see our DRY EYE INFORMATION PAGE and/or speak to your eye care professional about the correct dry eye therapy for you.

You can order Hyabak® by clicking 'Add to Cart' below and following the instructions.  We will ship out your product ASAP.  Note that our online eCommerce name is "mEYEspa".
SHIPPING is via Canada Post and rate is calculated at checkout

Product details: Hyabak® is a preservative free hypotonic solution designed to decrease signs and symptoms of dryness.

  • Preservative Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • High tolerance
  • Easy to use bottle, easy to administer drops
  • Handy size, no wastage, economical – can be used until the very last drop
  • Suitable for regular use
  • Hypotonic solution – to restore the natural osmotic balance of the tear film
  • Suitable for use with contact lenses
  • 300 drops per bottle
  • Every drop provides a precise and sufficient dose
  • Can be used for up to 3 months from opening