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As of January 1st, 2018 Studio Eye Care London has launched an innovative offering to extend its mission to provide every patient a complete, informative & distinct eye care experience.  The E.V.E. (Executive Vision Experience) is an extension of this philosophy for patients who desire maximum one-on-one time with Dr. Morris in a unhurried, closed-office environment.

It's simple and private with no set schedule and no distractions:

∞ Arrive when you want within your Wednesday evening window
∞ Have extensive testing and discussion time with Dr. Morris
∞ Create a personal vision care plan
∞ Leave when everything is done and all of your questions are answered

Find out more about E.V.E. >>>

"What is included in an eye exam?" and "Why do costs for exams vary?" are common questions...

There is a core set of regulated assessments that represent a complete eye exam however every office will have different people, instrumentation, processes and facilities to make the experience unique.
Optometry offices independently set a base fee for assessment and then will recommend additional tests based on patient needs.
Example:  John is 52 years old, wears contact lenses for hockey and is at risk to develop glaucoma because of family history and exam findings.  His base eye exam covers his eyeglass prescription and basic health assessment but not his contact lens assessment/prescription or secondary glaucoma evaluation.  

One of the differences at Vision Source London is "At our office, almost all testing is done with the Optometrist.  I rarely delegate assessments as I like to keep the learning and conversation going throughout the entire assessment.  I strongly believe that this enhances our patients' understanding, comfort and eye care experience through increasing time with the doctor"

Please call (519-681-3670) or use the chat box (bottom right on screen) to schedule a Vision Source Experience.

Vision Source also offers Private Eye Care

Dr Jason Morris


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Welcome to Studio Eye Care
John Lennox !

John's BIO

I am excited to be part of the Studio Eye Care family!

In 1993, I started work in an optical lab.  I enjoyed the technology and precision of making prescription eyeglass lenses.  That early experience sparked my interest in becoming an optician and I have continued to add to that practical, hands-on knowledge.

New digital technology lenses allow for increasing customizable experience for patients.  We have an unhurried environment here at Studio Eye Care and this allows me to focus on the right lens design for the each, individual patient's needs.

Most people think that I'm new at the office, but have been with Dr. Morris for five years filling in Tuesday evenings. Prior to joining Studio Eye Care full time, I worked for several London Optometry practices, independent optician stores and chain optician stores.

My interests include: renovations, running, reading, time with family and friends, and lately driving a motorcycle!

I look forward to meet you!

Georgian College Honors Optician Program 1996
Brock University BA 1991
Registered Ontario College of Opticians
Member of Ontario Association of Opticians
Member of Canadian Association of Opticians