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Dr Jason Morris

Our mission is to deliver you a complete, informative and distinct eye care experience that you will be inspired to share. Away from corporate influences and their churn, we believe in time and an unhurried environment. We are UNcorporate Optometry.

Studio Eye Care London is a private Optometric practice offering urgent eye care services, eye exams, glasses and contact lenses.

The practice was established in 1975. In 2009, Dr Jason Morris merged the part-time London practice in with his long established, multi-doc practice in St. Thomas. Dr Morris has since left the St. Thomas practice to focus on Vision Source London. Recently expanded, the location across from White Oaks Mall is now a beautiful, relaxed 2500 sq. ft. eye care facility.

The staff at Studio Eye Care London and Dr. Morris is committed to providing a very personal level of care and communication. With years of experience in eye care, we will work hard to simplify the complexities of eye health and eye care with patients.

Dr. Morris has special interest in occupational vision needs, concussive injury to the visual system and glaucoma management.

Doctor of Optometry - University of Waterloo 1994
Honors Bachelor of Science – University of Waterloo 1994
Registered Ontario College of Optometrists
Member Ontario Association of Optometrists
Member Canadian Association of Optometrists skiing easter egg

I think that folks worry about asking Optometrists about refractive surgeries - including LASIK.

What if the doctor thinks this is voodoo?   What if the doctor is threatened or insulted somehow by the question?   What if - I the patient - don't like the doctors answer/opinion of LASIK?!

If you have these thoughts or are just interested in exploring whether you would be a good candidate for LASIK... please we'd love to talk to you.  In a no-stress, relaxed conversation we can explore if you would benefit from LASIK.   What are the limitations?  How long does it last?   What are the risks?   What are the real, true costs?   Does it hurt?   How long am I off work?   When can I work-out?   When can I swim after surgery?   Can I fly after surgery?    We have heard it all!

We have helped thousands of patients navigate the PRE and POST care of their refractive procedures with real answers and confidence.  

Dr. Morris is your advocate with surgery centers and his experience will help guide your successful eye surgery.

Vision Source London 
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Dr. Jason Morris has experience with many regional refractive surgery centers co-managing refractive cataract and laser refractive surgery but Vision Source London is proudly a TLC affiliate Center


Bruised, red, tender, swollen eyelids? - A very common complaint.  You should try a Bruder heat mask for relief.  Unclog those lid oil glands!

The Bruder Moisture Mask is a very effective, holistic approach to dry eye and unclogging eyelid glands.  Heating your eye lids enables/activates your own body to better produce the oils essential to create a great tear film.  The mask is far better than face cloths because it delivers sustained moist heat.   A face cloth will only stay warm for approximately 40 seconds and you need a minimum of 5 minutes to have a positive effect on lipid flow/production.  5 to 10 minutes of the Bruder mask followed by lid massage works wonders for dry eye sufferers.  

Dr. Morris uses the mask as cross-over product for dry eye sufferers + eyelid pain issues + those suffering from digital eye strain.

Bruder masks heat in microwave.  They reusable, cleanable and last a very long time!

Order Bruder Mask

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