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Executive Vision Experience

Studio Eye Care London our goal is to offer every patient A complete, informative & distinct eye care experience that they are inspired to share.  The E.V.E. (Executive Vision Experience) is a unique, private extension of this philosophy for patients who desire maximum one-on-one time with Dr. Morris in a unhurried, closed-office environment.

E.V.E. appointments are offered Wednesday evenings
  ∞ Appointments start when you arrive between 5:30pm and 6:30pm
  ∞ Appointments end when complete or 7:30pm

Our office is closed and all resources are 100% dedicated to you for a private eye care experience

Dr. Morris will personally work with you through the entire exam experience
  ∞ All clinical testing and digital imaging/scanning for a complete eye exam 
  ∞ Extensive education on conditions and treatment options/plan
  ∞ Extensive needs analysis for vision correction
  ∞ Extensive education on vision correction options and planning (Glasses/Surgical/Contacts)
  ∞ If desired, personal assistance for glasses selection from Dr. Morris and our great staff

Family are welcome to attend E.V.E. appointments
If possible with your insurance provider, we will bill or file insurance on your behalf
Exam and discussion results as well as images delivered via secure email post exam if desired

No products are included with E.V.E.
E.V.E. appointments available to both new and existing patients

If you are interested in an Executive Eye Care Experience, please call us 519-681-3670 to
discuss pricing and availability.

No show fee is $75 without 24hour notice of change or cancellation

We aspire to create a complete, informative, distinct eye care experience that you will be inspired to share” 

 Dr Jason Morris
Practice Director - Dr. Jason Morris

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