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Zoona Shield

Completely Protecting your Health

At Studio Eye Care we are a little geeky when it comes to protecting you from viruses and other bugs that can be transferred in any public space.  

Have you every put your hands on a waiting room chair and wondered when the last time it was disinfected?   Even clinical equipment like handheld occluders and the vision tester... have you wondered what might be on them?

We already do a great job protecting your eyes but now clinic director - Dr. Jason Morris - has taken the extra step to protect your general health by treating every public surface (instruments, door handles, chairs, counters) with a new, hi-tech microbial shield.  

You should feel that you eyes and health are both being protected here.

Everything we do at Studio Eye Care is based on our mission to deliver a great eye care experience - Complete, Informative and Distinct. 

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