01 - About Us.

Hello, nice to meet you

Our Patient Experience is Paramount

We live our practice mission everyday and strive to provide patients with an experience that they will be inspired to share. Away from corporate influences and their churn, we believe in time and an unhurried environment.  We are UNcorporate Optometry

I would be honored for you to spend some of your valuable time with us. We commit to providing you a great eye care experience. New patients are always welcome and no referral is required.

Dr. Jason Morris

Studio Eye Care is a safe space for all

02 - What we doA complete, informative, distinct eye care experience

We Deliver Trusted Advice, Information & Successful Clinic-Tested Products to Weary Eyes Everywhere!

    There are so many eye-related products claiming so many questionable benefits, mEYEspa's mission is to: ...

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    Studio Eye Care provides glasses for any budget:

    • Great selection from our Value Packages
    • Prescription Sunwear
    • Designer eye wear - Ray-Ban and others
    • Specialty lenses

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    Studio Eye Care London Optometrists are licensed to treat eye disease.

    Through prescription eye drops and oral medications we manage conditions such as:
    • Glaucoma
    • Eye Infections

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    Children's Vision Services

    Have your child's vision checked before their 3rd birthday!
    • Lazy Eye (amblyopia) therapy Pediatric examinations

    See Teddy Bear eye exams ;)

    Dr Morris ...

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    Independent consultation for laser surgery options:

    • TLC Affiliate
    • PRK
    • LASIK
    • PTK
    • Enhanced cataract procedures

    Independent consultation for non-laser refractive surgery options:


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    Urgent Eye Care services for emergencies such as:

    • Eye Infections (pink eye or contact lens issues)
    • Eye Pain / Trauma
    • Lid Infections (sty)

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    03 - Our MissionWe aspire to create a complete, informative, distinct eye care experience

    OCT Imaging

    Why is an OCT a good idea? (optical coherence tomography)An OCT is a special image of the back of the eye.  Unlike a typical photo, an OCT gives a cross-section of retina and detailed measurements which are extremely helpful in detecting retinal pathology.  Patients with conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration...

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    RxMe Lens Service

    I bought some great frames online now where do I get prescription lenses!? At Studio Eye Care, we have a wonderful curated selection of frames but completely understand that we do not have frames for every face and taste. There are millions of styles and colours available today through countless...

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    Nearsightness Control

    Limit your child's nearsightedness with Myopia Control As an eye care specialist and father of two girls who wear glasses, parents have been asking me for years...Is there anything to slow the increasing thickness of my [son/daughter]'s glasses?Although there have been ongoing myopia (nearsightedness) control studies for years, I never...

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    WARNING - Beware of Fake Eye Drops and Ocular Vitamin Products in the marketplace
    Find out how to protect yourself...

    New Information "How to read an Omega 3 label and how much to take" on our store website

    And see our clinic-approved selection of Omega 3's

    The Voyager 4-in-1 Eyeglass Case

    When works for you?

    If you are looking for UNbiased UNcorporate Eye Care, see your future here with us

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