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Jan 12 - 17

New Glasses Distortion?

Why might glasses with the same prescription feel very different?

This week a new patient brought in two pairs of reading glasses made from the same 2015 prescription.  Pair #1 was made by a local Optician and pair #2 was ordered online.   The patient loved pair #1 and hated pair #2... she was convinced that the online folks had messed up the prescription because pair #2's lenses were thicker and she found that their distortion was intolerable.

When I checked the prescription of both pairs, they were identical.... So why would the 'feel' of the glasses be so different?    The answer is in the curves of the lenses.   A lens is like a math equation e.g.  If a lens prescription is +5.00...  there are different ways to fabricate that prescription just like there are different math equations that can add to +5.00...  1+4=5  and 2+3=5 and 5+0=5.    Our patient's problem was that pair#1 was fabricated with one lens equation and pair#2 was created with a completely different curve.

Now - This is generally something that a patient will get used to if he/she has one pair of glasses.  However in this case, because she wanted to wear both pairs part-time... every time the glasses are switched there will be seom adaption required. 

Questions about glasses?   We can help!  Dr.j

May 2017

Sunscreen for our eyes

As Summer fast approaches it has me thinking about new sunglasses.  Everyone knows that protecting eyes from the harmful rays of the sun with good sunglasses is just as important as protecting your skin with good sunscreen.  However, did you know that sunglasses also protect  delicate eyelid tissue from UV?    Our eye lids are a common place for skin cancer because we never put sunscreen close to our eyes.

Wear sunglasses this summer to protect both your eye and lids!  Dr.j

Aug 2017

Eye Make-Up Trend and Stys

There is a make-up trend that giving me business... in a bad way. The popular look to paint lid margins is giving young women sore, irritated eyes and eye lids. In the image below you can see the trend to paint lid margin (the strip of lid tissue between the lashes and the eye ball).

The problem is that there are openings to small glands (meibomian) on this strip that become clogged with makeup causing lid inflammation (sore), stys (infections) and irritated eyes (dry eye).

I know that an old Optometrist is not going to change teenagers' make-up styles!... but just be aware to [1] not use if you can [2] try to make sure that this area is cleaned properly after use [3] see an Optometrist if you have any of the symptoms listed above asap! Dr.j

Feb 27, 2017

Why do I see spots after a bright light?

Great question from a young patient last week... "Why do I see spots after a bright light?"   To understand why, lets first talk about how the eye works.   When any light hits the back of the eye (retina) a chemical reaction occurs that converts the light energy into electrical/nerve energy that goes to the brain.  This reaction takes fuel that is constantly being produced by the eye and then used up - over and over again.

Under normal circumstances the fuel's speed-of-creation can keep up with the fuel's speed-of-use.  However, when the eye is presented with intense brightness like a camera flash (or eye exam!), the fuel is used up much faster than production.   Because there is no/low fuel after the flash, this flashed zone of the retina appears dark because there is no creation of the electrical/nervous energy until the fuel regenerates.    dr.j

April 19, 2020

How long does an eye exam take?

With nothing exceptional to deal with.  A standard eye exam takes approximately 20 minutes.  What varies greatly is how much time is spent with the Optometrist.  Many practices use techs to do much of the testing and the Optometrist does a final check and ocular health exam.

Studio Eye Care uses a different approach with the Optometrist doing all of the testing.  One model is not necessarily better than the other but we prefer conversation and a slower pace.  Additional testing for glaucoma or contact lenses will vary.   Most folks will spend about 30 minutes picking out a pair of glasses.   Hope that helps!   Dr.j

Aug 27 - 17

S-L-O-W-I-N-G Nearsightness in Children

Parents have been asking me this question for 23 years... Is there anything to slow the increasing thickness of my [son/daughter]'s glasses?

Although there have been ongoing myopia (nearsightedness) control studies for years, I never felt confident enough to recommend a solution... until now. Myopia control is now backed with great science and research. If you have a child 6-16 years old who is currently nearsighted and you would like to do everything to slow the progression that you may have experienced in your own teens... Curious? More information here   Dr.j

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