A new product for the new normal. "What is the best anti-fog product" has to be my #1 question these days.

There is no perfect anti-fog solution. We have tried many in clinic and use Fogblocker in the testing lane and personally. The manufacturer stated claims of 24-fog-free-hours seem a bit overstated but when applied to a moistened lens, the antifog properties do seem to last a few hours.

This is the best that I have found and endorse.

For more information and video review see the product on our store website:

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For everyone's protection, we are mandated to distance and stagger appointments.  We are booking approximately 60% of time slots.

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Completely Protecting your Health

At Studio Eye Care we are a little geeky when it comes to protecting you from viruses and other bugs that can be transferred in any public space.  

Have you every put your hands on a waiting room chair and wondered when the last time it was disinfected?   Even clinical equipment like handheld occluders and the vision tester... have you wondered what might be on them?

We already do a great job protecting your eyes but now clinic director - Dr. Jason Morris - has taken the extra step to protect your general health by treating every public surface (instruments, door handles, chairs, counters) with a new, hi-tech microbial shield.  

You should feel that you eyes and health are both being protected here.

Everything we do at Studio Eye Care is based on our mission to deliver a great eye care experience - Complete, Informative and Distinct. 

Find out more about this technology from Zoona

Save $ with Bulk!

Did you know?   Most of the products on our web store 'mEyeSpa' have bulk discounts?

Usually a 2 or 3 quantity purchase will save you $$ per order as well as get you closer to free shipping.

Look for the savings listed on each items' information.

Bulk savings are calculated in your shopping cart.  Just change the quantity and hit update.

e.g. Save $2.00 per bottle of Hyabak Eye Drops

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The Cataract Club website answers the 56 most common questions that patients have on cataracts and cataract surgery.

Answers are brief and simple and authored by Dr. Morris

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Confused about how much Omega 3 to take for your dry eye?

How much to take?   Capsule size?  DHA?  EPA?

There is a great article on our web store (mEYEspa) just for you!

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